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Teeth can be sensitive for many reasons.

chewing sensitivity


Sensitivity to chewing pressure can be caused by:

Sensitivity to sweets


Sensitivity to sweet foods is usually caused by decay.


Hot and/or Cold

Sensitivity to hot or cold foodsSensitivity to hot and/or cold foods usually indicates:

It is not unusual for recent dental restorations to be sensitive to hot, cold, or pressure. This sensitivity should decrease with time. If sensitivity from a recent dental restoration worsens or persists, contact your dentist.


Whitening can also temporarily cause mild sensitivity during treatment that disappears within a few days.


Sensitivity due to a dental problem will worsen with time and become a toothache. A toothache is not like a headache. It won't just go away, even if the pain temporarily subsides. The problem that is causing the pain will just get worse, as will the pain, and simple treatment may no longer be possible. At the first sign of a toothache, Contact Us for immediate treatment.



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