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Your dentist is a Master of the Academy of General Dentistry

Dr. Brannon, Master of the Academy of General Dentistry
Dr. Brannon and his youngest daughter, Lauren

What does MAGD stand for after your general dentist’s name?

Your dentist is a member of the Academy of General Dentistry (AGD), an organization of general dentists who are dedicated to professional development and continuing education. All AGD members must remain current with advances in the profession to provide quality patient treatment. A general dentist who is a “Master” in the Academy of General Dentistry (MAGD) has been recognized by other general dentists as a leader and an example to other dentists of the importance of quality continuing dental education to patient care. Masters have accepted the charge to keep abreast of advances in dentistry for the benefit of patients and the betterment of dentistry. They serve as mentors and leaders to other dentists pursuing continuing dental education. They set examples in their communities with their hard work, concern and involvement.

What are the steps to Mastership in the Academy of General Dentistry?

To earn a Mastership Award, your dentist must earn a minimum of 1,100 approved continuing dental education credits and pass a comprehensive 400-question examination. While attaining Mastership is a challenge, it allows dentists to remain current with what is new in dentistry, and to incorporate the latest techniques into their practices.

What’s special about a dentist who has an award from the Academy of General Dentistry?

The Mastership Award is the highest honor available in the AGD and one of the most respected designations in the profession. The accomplishment meets the highest criteria for professional excellence. To accomplish this, Dr. Brannon completed 1,100 hours of coursework in 16 areas of dentistry to receive the Mastership Award from the AGD, a professional association of more than 35,000 general dentists. The achievement marks a significant milestone in his career, because the award demonstrates Dr. Brannon's long-term commitment to go above and beyond continuing educations requirements to provide his patients with the most up-to-date treatment options and superior patient care.






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