Photo Album

We enjoyed a Team Building day at Maymont

A visit to Monticello during Garden Week

Marta and Dr. Brannon

We Recently had a "Smokin' Wine Down" Party for Patients and Friends!

Dr. Brannon's 11th grandchild, Ginny

Fall Decorating

Our Christmas Celebration. Dinner, a limo, and lights in Richmond

What a Beautiful Team!


Dr. Brannon directs the local Community Service program. This pro bono program involves 80 Charlottesville dentists who treat needy patients. This program has provided over $850,000 worth of free dentistry. Dr. Brannon has been awarded the COMMUNITY SERVICE AWARD from the Virginia Dental Association for, "Significant contributions to community dental health through professional achievement, volunteer efforts and leadership."


Garden Week

Sometimes you just need to take a break, slow down and take time to smell the lilacs. Every year we take a day off during Garden Week to spend time team building.

Memory Board

Be sure to see our Picture Gallery display of recent office activities










Peggy's 25th anniversary working with Dr. Brannon!

Dr. Brannon is sending Peggy on a week long cruise!

We won First Place at the Christmas Tree competition.

The "A" Team

Enjoying our winnings at the Boathouse

The First Prize winner!

The "Eyes" have it

The Boathouse

We recently participated in the charitable Mission of Mercy project in Roanoke, Virginia

Our team supported cancer research by running in the Women’s 4-miler

Dental Assistant Appreciation Week

“Lila (on the left) and Cylest celebrate Dental Assistant Appreciation Week with a luncheon, flowers and poster made by children in the practice.”

Our Christmas Party
Christmas Party
Christmas Party
Kenny Rogers
Kenny Rogers Christmas Concert
Holiday Lobby Decorations

Cartoon Art in the Office
Paul Degen, an artist and cartoonist for the New Yorker magazine, has painted special illustrations for our office. See his art displayed on our walls and ceilings!

Our Office Fiesta Party

Our festive fiesta team
Dancing on the deck
Hot pepper eating contest
Doin' the Macarena


Dr. Brannon recently made a trip to Bosnia. Click on the link below to learn more.

Newspaper article

Kids assisting

S. Milyana & Kids

Dr. B & Anya

Scavenger Hunt

Solving clues

This past Christmas we had a scavenger hunt on the downtown mall.

Celebrating the holidays

Christmas party
Opening gifts

Dr. Brannon's Model Railroad

Model railroading is my hobby. It allows me to be creative and artistic in little, hard-to-reach spaces. I love the look of wonder on the faces of first-time visitors.



Trains and the Circus in the Office