About Us


VDA HeroOur office is able to give warm, personalized and focused attention to each of our patients as we limit the number of patients we see in a day. We emphasize a slower pace with more pampering for the patient.

Dr. Larry BrannonI believe most patients seek out our practice because they perceive that we have experience and training. If they have a situation that they believe requires more advanced techniques, they will come to us for a consultation. Continuing education is one of the key elements needed to stay on top of your game. The advances in our profession in the last few years have been tremendous and to stay knowledgeable, an excellent dentist should average 100 hours or more a year in continuing education.

I strive to be an excellent dentist but I try never to forget that kindness and gentleness must always be an integral part of our every day dental care.

The reception room is kept exciting with seasonal decorations created by Peggy. She enjoys expressing her creative talents, and patients love to see the different decorations which change with each season. Click here to see more reception room photos.

Albemarle County dentist office of Dr. Larry Brannon